Pre Printed Quarantine Area Feather Flag


Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Quarantine Area Signs

If you own a business, ensure that your staff and employees are safe from transmission and that government guidelines are followed to stop the spread of diseases. Use signage to mark restricted areas, provide directional assistance, and alert customers about precautionary measures to help keep your facility safe. Our printed feather flags are an effective way to mark quarantine zones in order to contain the transmission of diseases.

Fabric and carbon composite fibreglass components are used to manufacture our outdoor feather flags, making them extremely durable. When exhibited, the 4mm and 23mm diameter poles have high tensile strength. Fade resistant and impervious to heat, the flags will last through most weather conditions.

Quality digital printing provides high-resolution graphics that are long-lasting, bright, and have distinct colours. By providing an efficient message on the pole feather flag, these colours and images can grab passerby's attention, warning them to stay clear of quarantine zones.

You may pick from a variety of sizes and which side you need the information on when customizing the quarantine area signs. You have the option of ordering only graphics, just the pole, or both. These choices enable you to customize the product to meet your specific needs.

Printed Feather Flags Are Ready to Use and Portable

Our pole feather flags include a pre-printed message that denotes quarantine zones and cautions unauthorized people to stay away. The flags will be ready to use after only a few minutes of installation and in no time you can convey your message about the quarantine area.

BannerBuzz outdoor feather flags come with poles and cross or spike bases so you can put them up almost anyplace. When you're done with the signs, you may effortlessly store them until you need them again. As you can relocate and use your signage elsewhere, this versatility enhances your ROI.

Quarantine Area Signs are Easy to Maintain

Clean the printed feather flags using the gentle cycle in the washing machine. The low maintenance requirements of the flags save time and energy. Quick turnaround during cleaning means the signs can be re-installed the same day.

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