Pre Printed Take Out Parking Only Feather Flag


High-Quality Parking Flags are Customizable and Durable

There may be a need to mitigate overcrowding in the parking areas of your service-based business. Our parking flags enable you to direct customers to designated parking spaces, thereby complying with social distancing requirements. Additionally, because the flags free up multiple employees who would otherwise be required to deal with and steer clients, you can optimally utilize your personnel.

High-quality flag fabric used in making parking flags allows them to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. The poles feature a carbon composite fibreglass construction for long-term service, resulting in a fair return on investment.

The images on the printed feather flags are produced using dye sublimation printing, which results in high-quality, bright colours that instantly attract the attention of drivers looking for your take out section. The high-resolution graphics are long-lasting, providing you with a good marketing tool.

Advertising feather flags come in a range of sizes, and depending on your demands, you may choose between a graphic option and a pole-only option. You can choose whether to have them pre-printed on one side or both. Customization lets your business use the flags according to individual requirements and available space.

Printed Feather Flags are Ready to Use and Easily Portable

Our advertising feather flags come pre-printed with the wording 'Take Out Parking Only' so it only takes a few minutes for you to set up. You simply need to choose the best spot and then easily assemble the poles. The flags are ready to be erected, so you can immediately direct traffic where to park for take out orders.

The spike or cross bases and sturdy poles aid in the stability of the assembled promotional feather flags, making each one easy to move around and transport for use in different areas as needed. This means that moving the flags to a storage place, or another workstation requires very little effort.

Parking Flags are Easy to Maintain

Promotional feather flags are easy to care for because you can machine wash on a gentle cycle or by hand with liquid detergents. The simple washing process ensures the flags retain their colourful appearance without decreasing in quality.

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