Pre Printed Testing Done Here Feather Flag

Pre Printed Testing Done Here Feather Flag


Provide Directional Aid with Pre-Printed Testing Done Here Feather Flags

  • High-quality printing enhances the visibility of the prints.
  • The flags are customizable to meet your demands.
  • Installation is straightforward.
  • Feather flags are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.
  • Pre-printed, the signage is ready to use.

High-Quality, Customizable, and Easy to Install Feather Flags

Individuals might easily get lost at your establishment and end up engaging with employees, potentially exposing your personnel to infectious illness. Your healthcare facilities and pop-up clinics must effectively provide directional assistance, leading people to testing sites to help minimize disease transmission. Our printed feather flags provide a visual sign for visitors to locate testing stations.

When people are visiting your facility, high-quality printing guarantees that every detail on the advertising flags is apparent. A mirror image with a 50-60% visibility on single-sided flags allows your message to be seen from any direction. We sew a liner in between the two sides to give the signs a professional look.

Select single-sided or double-sided printing, as well as graphics and a pole. The single-sided version has a reverse design on the back, whereas the double-sided option has graphics printed on both sides to optimize your message's exposure. The promotional flags are available in a variety of sizes to meet your requirements.

Our flag foundation choices, which include a cross base, a spike base, and a water base, make it easy to mount the feather flags while also providing sturdiness. You will save time and effort because one person may complete the full assembly, allowing you to give directional aid to guests in only a few minutes.

Portable and Ready to Use Advertising Flags

Since the printed feather flags are lightweight, you may move them around as needed to increase the visibility of your message. This makes the flags easy to use and allows you to lower your advertising expenses as you can reuse the signage in the future.

Pre-printed graphics on the promotional flags point guests to testing stations, save you time and effort by eliminating the need to create your own designs. This ensures that you can use the flags to provide directional help right away.

Feather Flags are Easy to Clean

To keep the printed feather flags clean, hand wash or machine wash them with a light liquid detergent. Keep the flags clean to capture the attention of visitors to communicate the location of the testing sites.

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