Pre-Printed We are Open Feather Flag

Pre-Printed We are Open Feather Flag

  • Made of 90 GSM high-quality flag fabric
  • Carbon composite fiber glass hardware for added outdoor durability
  • Pre-printed messaging available in 1-sided or 2 sided prints
  • Can be ordered with or w/o graphics
  • Available in cross base/spike base and is finished with pole pocket at left side

Promote Your Business With Pre-printed Open Feather Flag

Attract more attention to your business with our colorful ‘we are open’ feather flag. Pre-printed onto a quality fabric using bright colors and bold text, our flag is easy to read from a distance and looks stunning under the open skies. Made to flap in the breeze and often placed outside a facility, they inform passersby when your business finally opens to the public. With sturdy built and double-sided printing, our flag is the key to bring in traffic and generate business.

Made from high-quality 90 GSM fabric, our open flag is tear and fade resistant and will stay intact even if it stays exposed to sunlight for long. With lightweight fabric and bright color printing, which stand out in a crowded area, our flag will keep fluttering in the breeze all through the day.

The poles, made from carbon composite fiberglass, are highly flexible and durable. The material is designed to combat weather elements and to look stylish in any setting. Pole diameter varies depending on the size and base of your flag. It has a black pole pocket at the left side to firmly hold the flag fabric against strong winds.

Flag mounting options include spike base/cross base to secure your flags. Simply attach the flag to the spiked pole and pin it into the soft ground for greater stability. On the other hand, cross-base is a portable solution and is ideal for hard surfaces. Both flag bases are lightweight, easy to attach and provide much-needed ground support to your flag.

Boost Your Visibility With Double-Sided Printing

Pre-printed messaging and graphics are available in 1-side or 2-sided prints. Single side printing will show the image on the reverse with 50%-60% transparency rate. Double-sided printing will have 2 separate images or same images on both sides.

Our open flag is available in a number of standard custom sizes. Whether you want to hoist it on top of a building, or outside your entrance gate, our standard sizes are ideal for a range of applications. With varying heights and widths, you are sure to find a perfect size for your feather flag.

Save Big On Large Orders

We strive to offer the best prices for ‘We are open feather flags’. Our competitive prices allow you to place bulk orders with ease and without draining out your budget. You can save even more on shipping as we provide free shipping on orders above $99.