Premium Hang Tags


Our Premium Hang Tags are Made of 16 Point Card Stock, Procured from Sustainable Sources

Premium hand tags are an easy and affordable way to add to your branding and style to any product or service. They can command attention in a split second if they are special and creative. One look at them and they should be able to make a statement about the product/service/occasion.

Our premium hang tags are made of 16 point cardstock paper that is procured from sustainable sources. These are available in both matte and glossy finishes. They are stiff, smooth and thin, with a thickness of .016 inches making them ideal for hang tags.

These are available in the following 10 sizes (WxH): 2x2 inches, 3x2 inches, 3.5x2 inches, 3x3 inches, 4x2 inches, 4x3 inches, 2x3 inches, 2x3.5 inches, 2x4 inches, and 3x4, with a variance of +/- 3 mm. You can buy our hang tags in packs ranging from 250 to 5000. The logo should have a minimum 3 mm border, as thin borders can come out lopsided during the cutting process.

You can choose the location of the hole to be drilled on the hand tags as per your choice, style or requirements. The hole can be at the top centre, top right, top left, right centre or left centre. The hole is 1/8th of an inch, just appropriate for any string/ ribbon/twine to pass through easily.

Cardstock Tags are Available in Both Matte and Glossy Finish

Both the glossy and matte finish tags can be used for hang tags, postcards, invitation cards, thank you cards, seasonal greetings and more. The bright and sparkling surface of the glossy hang tags can catch your attention immediately and are ideal for branding garments, gifting and special retail packaging. The matte finish gives an elegant and classy appearance with its non-reflective surface and is suitable for business cards, corporate gifting and products which need a more sophisticated look.

The surface of our hang tags, both glossy and matte finish, is writable with the help of a ball pen or permanent markers. Sometimes the coating on the surface makes it difficult to write on, so kindly check.