PVC Foam Board Signs

PVC Foam Board Signs


Versatility to go almost anywhere

  • Excellent for indoor retail use
  • Best for prints with limited handling
  • Light weight, semi rigid foam board

If you are looking for an indoor sign which is great for short term use, then our PVC foam board signs are just what you need! We use high quality PVC foam in our boards and offer you a sign which can be used anywhere indoors with no worries.

PVC Boards Signs- Ensuring Versatility With An Affordable Solution

These signs boards can be used for a variety of purposes due to their lightweight material and attractive design options. As department sign boards or nameplates, these PVC sign boards are a great option, being able to last when used indoors.

Another great feature is their affordability. You can get great value for money by opting for a PVC foam sign which ensures great functionality during its short service span. Being a lightweight option, it is easily managed and you can opt for affordable custom PVC foam board signs, which can be used for a variety of purposes indoors in homes, shops and offices.

To Be Used As You Like!

Do you want to use the PVC board propped up against an erase board or to display it in the tray of a chalk board? Or do you just wish to prop it up against different items on a desk in a conference room or office, it is your choice! We make the PVC foam board signs for versatile use, helping you come up with creative ways to use this lightweight sign board. Use it as a unique presentation medium or as a promotional material, the possibilities and uses are endless!

Do you want to mount the foam board on an easel for a more formal presentation? Our boards are of high quality PVC foams which can be printed with high quality digital graphic prints to provide you with an affordable display and sign medium.

What We Offer---

We offer you the chance to opt for a custom PVC foam board sign which will sport the graphic artwork of your choice; just send us the artwork and we'll handle the rest. You can also create a new piece through our design tool services, available for free on our website.

If you need help, our team offers expert assistance to finalize the design of your choice. You can use the outdoor PVC foam board signs in outdoor conferences, exhibitions, meeting rooms and offices, or in promotional campaigns. For a short term solution to your sign or display needs, our PVC foam board signs are the best choice, both in terms of service quality and affordability.

If you wish to know more details about our product, just contact us at 800-580-4489 and our team will help you place the right order according to your needs.