Reception Desk Sneeze Guard

Reception Desk Sneeze Guard


Prevention from air-borne infections through cast acrylic sneeze guards:

  • Available in different sizes to fit every workplace
  • Cast acrylic panels weighed 5550 GSM & are extremely durable
  • Tensile strength; glossy finish; rounded corners are some of the efficient features

Reception Desk Sneeze Guards for every Corporate and Commercial Workspace

Ensuring employees and visitors about your safety standards is extremely vital these days. Before initiating or restarting the business after the wreak-havoc created by pandemic, it is essential to be equipped with necessary safety displays and other products. Being equipped with sneeze guards for the reception desk, countertop sneeze guards for cash counters and other alike tools would create an impression of the responsible organization towards customers and employees. It is always helpful and effective to introduce required precautionary measures so that the customers could return to your hotel, motel, and other facilities in the future without doubting the safety and hygiene standards.

Quality-driven materials assure longevity

Reception desk sneeze guards come in a three-panel structure that is highly sturdy for workspaces where the desks are used frequently. They are strong enough to bear the daily workload, frequent walk-ins for inquiries, and more. Clear cast acrylic sneeze guards offer the see-through experience to the individuals interacting on the opposite sides of the panels. Rounded corners are provided for soft and safe touch to humans while sitting or moving around. Clear panels come in a glossy finish that further adds utmost attractiveness and finesse to the look. Display or fix sneeze guards at the reception desks of café, hotels, motels, university fee counters, offices, commercials setups, and many more public dealing areas.

Installation of desk sneeze guards or hanging sneeze guards would provide effective prevention of COVID-19 infection and other air-borne diseases, bacterial infections. Panels are strong enough that they act as a barrier to the passage through which the germs or other viral contagions travel. We recommend you to add countertop sneeze guards for the billing counters and help desks at your office, restaurant, and other sites. Moreover, do not forget to have a sight of adjustable screen sneeze shield, sneeze guards for office, COVID-19 signages, and so much more. Every possible product is designed while considering your requirements.

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