Reflective Car Decals/Stickers

Reflective Car Decals/Stickers

  • Long-lasting decal engineered in reflective grade for visibility at night.
  • Easy-to-apply with squeegee technique.
  • Available in custom sizes.
  • High-quality 720 DPI personalized printing.

High-Quality Reflective Car Decals Stickers to Illuminate Your Message 24x7

Taking advertising to a next level, BannerBuzz offers high-quality reflective car decals stickers to increase your brand visibility and customer base. You can promote your brand/cause wherever you go 24x7. Almost like travelling billboards, they attach to your car and display your message illuminated by any source of light even after dark.

We make these decals out of a reflective grade 220 GSM material. Ensuring flash visibility in the sun and dark, this material accounts for the longevity of the decals. Our decals withstand scratches, abrasions, water, and UV ray damage. They don’t get damaged easily or come off your car's surface due to strong adhesive.

Our creative car decals are printed in full colours using a 720 DPI eco-solvent process. Our printing techniques ensure high clarity and visual vibrancy for impactful visibility of your custom design. Your custom design is printed on a silver-coloured front base and yellow-coloured back base.

We cut them precisely using either die cut or flash cut technology in a custom size selected by you. In flash cut your sticker will be cut in square/rectangle shape and in die cut your sticker will be cut in shape of artwork with a thin border.

Custom Car Stickers to Make Your Company Shine

Get creative and customize the design of your car sticker with our comprehensive customization options. You can create your own car sticker design with our easy-to-use online design tool, upload an image or hire a professional designer at an additional fee. We also have a huge inventory of readymade templates to inspire your own designs.

For quick and effortless application, we recommend adding a squeegee tool to your purchase. It will remove any air bubbles forming between the surface and the decal. Make your company shine by customizing according to your needs now.

Bulk Quantity Discount on Orders of Car Decals & Stickers

We offer bulk discounts on purchase of car decals in quantities of 2 & above. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase and place an order.