Retail Banners


Our Retail Banners are Made with High-Quality PVC Flex

Create excitement among your customers with highly durable retail banners by Bannerbuzz. Our custom banners are made with sheer perfection and elegance, which brings maximum attention to your doorstep. Our range of business/retail banners works wonders when you look ahead to create a buzz for advertising or events.

Our retail banners are made with high-quality PVC flex. PVC gives longer shelf life to the banner and is easy to install.

We use eco-solvent technology with full colour 720 DPI. This technology works well on our custom banner and gives high resolution and vibrancy to it.

The banner is available in 2 graphic weights - 13Oz and 16 Oz (after upgrade). The graphic size comes in two variances - +/- 0.5 inch up to 5 ft and +/- 1 inch > 5 ft.

Personalize the Retail Banners to Add your Personal Touch

You can suggest the customization for the desired retail sale banners and signs via our easy-to-use online customization tool, and accordingly, the product could be designed to perfection.

Customization may vary in size, quantity, lamination choices - gloss or matte, colour, length, height, or other vital elements can be added up to the list. Moreover, you can decide upon the placement of the brand name, logo, images, special quotes, taglines, and important details to make the banners visually interactive. You can also check out our website, which offers you an array of templates to pick the best design to meet your advertising, promotional, and event activities.

Graphic Instructions for Your Custom Banners

Our PVC flex banners are very easy to clean. You can gently wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth with no cleaning solution. Hence, it is the perfect choice for recurring displays as it involves a hassle-free cleaning procedure.