Round Fitted Table Covers

Round Fitted Table Covers


Brighten your next event with barrel-like round table cover

  • Available in two different sizes
  • Wrinkle free & anti fading polyester fabric
  • Choose from a full spectrum of colors

Round Fitted table covers from BannerBuzz: Cost Effective Promotional Tool to Make your Display Visually Appealing

Showcasing your brand at a corporate event or tradeshow is an ideal way of advertising your business to the masses. Whether you are planning a new product launch, reinforce your brand message or generate leads for your business, these events offer a great deal of exposure to make your display stand out.

Offering a sleek, professional look, fitted table covers from us offer you an incredible opportunity to make use of simple, yet powerful marketing tools to promote your business. Due to innovative design and finish, our table covers are growing in popularity for supporting your marketing campaigns.

The difference between a fitted table cover and a simple table cover is that, a fitted table cover fits your table like a glove. Available in a wide variety of finish and sizes, you can pick from our range of table covers according to your requirements and specifications.

Branding with a Difference! Custom Round Fitted Table Covers to attract attention

Because of their functionality and aesthetic appeal, custom fitted table covers from us have the potential to catch the attention of your target audience instantly and turn them into loyal customers. Whether it is about improving your brand awareness, your brand visibility or promoting your brand message, custom fitted table covers from us can be a very unique and powerful means of promoting your brand message.

Our fitted table cover variety includes:

3-sided fitted table covers -

You can use our 3-sided table covers in settings where you need to stock your stuff underneath the table and access it easily when you want to without hassle. The cover essentially covers the table completely from three sides leaving the forth side free to allow your representative to sit comfortably behind the table and access important stuff without much effort.

4-sided fitted table covers -

The four sided variety covers your table perfectly from all four sides to the floor. The unique stitching of the cover eliminates the use of pins, staples and hooks to keep the cover in place.

We use only the best quality materials in the designing of our products. Our fitted table covers are growing in popularity for powering up your marketing campaigns. If you are looking for table covers that best suit your need, you can trust us for unmatched quality and competitive rates.

Select from our range of Round fitted table covers and make your mark!

You can select from our range of custom fitted table covers and pick the one that best matches your needs. Our team of experts strives to make sure you get the finish and quality you've been looking for in your fitted table covers. We offer you a comprehensive range of choices when it comes to making a decision about the material and size of your fitted table cover.

Contact us today to learn more about our fitted table covers. We'd love to hear from you!