Round Table Toppers

Round Table Toppers


Table topper cover: an easy step to become professional!

  • Available in standard size
  • Elastic cord sewn around the edge
  • Made from high quality stretch fabric

Table Top Covers Have Various Sizes And Colors

Elastic table top cover is the most recent type of custom table cloth collection developed by Bannerbuzz. No matter your table topper is round or rectangular, we could fit it for you. Different from all the types we launched before, our rectangular or round elastic table covers are used for table's topper only rather than the whole body from table topper to leg. Don't forget that our table top covers are available in various sizes and colors, the fabric we use is four way stretchy, which enables your logo fully spreads and always provides a clear and good visibility. Table topper cover: an easy step to become professional

Table Topper Cover: An Easy Step To Become Professional

Our customtable top coverscan be well fixed on table topper, we ensure this by sewing an elastic cord around the edge. Table topper cover is not only a great decoration that can cover a table face maybe not so beautiful or even ugly but a tool to make your presentation look professional. What's great is that our table topper cover needs just simple and easy care, you can machine wash it and dry before put it away.