Rounded Corner Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Eco-Smart Design: Modern design with sustainable, eco-friendly paper
  • Vibrant Gloss Finish: 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss for vibrant color and superior texture
  • Sophisticated Matte Appeal: 14 pt. Cardstock Matte for elegant, understated branding
  • Precision Hole Placement: Customizable 1/8-inch hole placement for perfect brand alignment
  • Multi-Purpose Versatility: Versatile for use as clothing hang tags, labels, price tags, or custom tags
  • Optimal Size Selection: Broad range of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any product requirement

Product Overview

Escalate Your Brand with Eco-Friendly Rounded Corner Hang Tags

In the business realm, attention to detail is crucial, and our Rounded Corner Hang Tags excel by infusing modern style and sophistication into your products. Constructed from paper derived from sustainable resources, these tags are environmentally friendly and ideal for boosting your product's charm.

The 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss impresses with its firm, dense texture, signaling superior quality. Its reflective finish boosts the intensity of colors, ensuring that your hang tags for clothing or any product stand out vividly. In contrast, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte features an elegant, matte surface, providing a subtle but potent option for branding.

Choose between a glossy finish for vivid colors and a sleek appearance or a matte cardstock for subtle, refined elegance; our hang tags are multifunctional. Perfect as hang tags for clothing, merchandise labels, retail price tags, or custom clothing tags, their uses are boundless. Additionally, with size options available, finding the ideal match for your requirements is straightforward.

Personalize Your Round Hang Tags with Custom Options

Turn these Personalized Rounded Corner Hang Tags into a unique representation of your brand. With options for dual-sided printing, decide between front-only or double-sided printing to utilize the space effectively. Our hang tags accommodate writing with ballpoint pens (oil-based ink) or permanent markers, offering durable customization for any product need- from displaying basic details like your company name and logo to conveying complex messages specifically crafted for your target audience. Utilize our complimentary design tool, access expert-designed ready-to-print templates, or submit your own high-resolution artwork to give these Custom Hang Tags for Clothing a distinctive flair that reflects your brand's values. Featuring a 1/8-inch drilled hole that can be positioned at the top right, top left, top center, right, or left, its placement can be customized to perfectly match your brand's design.

Eco-Conscious Choices and Fast Shipping

Our dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly production methods is evident, as these rounded corner hang tags are produced with paper from sustainable sources, allowing your brand to support environmental initiatives without sacrificing quality or design. Choosing ‘priority’ shipping at checkout means you receive these key branding elements promptly, aligning with your schedule.

Designed with today’s business needs in mind, from material selection and customization options to environmental responsibility, our Round Hang Tags are crafted to provide a superior combination of practicality and innovative design, ensuring they not only meet but surpass your expectations.