School Banners


Promote Your Organization with Easy to Hang Top-Quality PVC School Banners

Banners are a great way of advertising at schools. From sponsors to scholarship offers, extracurricular activities, and much more can be promoted using our educational banners. And therefore, the school staff and students need robust banners to promote a variety of agendas, advertisements, etc. Our high-quality banners are easy to display at any location.

Made with highly durable PVC flex, our school banners can withstand any extreme weather conditions. The PVC flex adds extra life to our banners. They can be hung outdoors or indoors as they are resistant to weather, water, UV rays, and corrosion. Available in 10 pre-defined sizes, our custom banners can fit any place. You can also customize the size as per your requirements.

We use an eco-solvent full-colour, 720DPI, printing technique. It is a greener printing solution that delivers high-resolution images, which is fade-resistant and can be reused for several years.

Our school banners’ graphic comes in white colour in front and grey colour in the back. They are available in two graphic weights of 13 Oz and 16 Oz after the upgrade. The graphic size variance of our banners up to a height of 5 ft is +/- 0.5 inch & +/- 1 Inch for more than 5ft. These PVC flex banners do not require high maintenance, as they can be easily cleaned with a soft, damp cloth without a cleaning solution.

Personalize Your Educational Banner with Our User-Friendly Design Tool

Leave everyone awestruck by including special designs with our user-friendly design tool. You can easily personalize your artwork, text, or anything you want to include in your educational banner.

You can also try your hands with our pre-designed templates by our brilliant designers. Additionally, you can hire our professional designers to create your unique design.

Buy Banners for Schools with Bulk Discounts

Save a significant amount for your other school activities by bulk buying these high-quality banners for school events. The offer is available on orders ranging from 2-100 and above. However, the discount is not applicable on a particular size of 3' X 2'.