School Desk Sneeze Guard


Ensure Children’s Safety at Schools with School Desk Sneeze Guard

With businesses started functioning at their normal pace again, the Coronavirus peril still prevails around or even in some of the countries. Meanwhile, countries with less or no cases of COVID-19 have announced to re-open schools and universities for a streamlined education process. And this decision has to have a transformational plan full of safety measures and precautions that are mandatory before re-opening the education sector. One of them is the school desk sneeze guards as they safeguard the student being seated on every individual desk.

Quality-driven See-through Sneeze Guards

  • Designed as a three-piece product, this sneeze guard protects the child from the main three directions that are left, right, and front.
  • Cast acrylic or plexiglass panels are durable enough to serve the longest purpose, no matter how many hand touch it goes through.
  • Panels are see-through to provide a clear view to the student and the mentor while interacting.
  • Moreover, the clear sneeze guards are known to prevent the students from surrounding airborne contagions that are mostly released through sneezing, coughing, and communicating.
  • On a broader note, school desk sneeze guards are not only safe and secure for students but teachers too.
  • They offer prevention against air droplets or infections for individuals present in opposite directions.
  • With rounded corners, sneeze guards turn out to be safe and soft for students.
  • Sheer transparency and glossy finish are some of the eye-catching elements that strengthen the look and functionality of the sneeze guards.

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