SEG Fabric Frames

SEG Fabric Frames


Display beautifully designed or custom graphics in a fashionably effective manner with tension fabric displays

  • Available in four different sizes
  • High-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic
  • Easy changing of Fabric Graphics

Get noticed!

Looking around for an affordable, yet effective application that helps you get the attention of your target audience? The SEG fabric frames are your best bet then!

An SEG fabric frame features a silicone beading sewn on all four sides of the fabric, which is then tightly stretched over a frame and tucked inside a thin channel.

The resulting appearance is of that of a rigid substrate which doesn't have any defined edges, yet maintains a level of classiness, contributing the reputation of your brand.

An SEG fabric frame is a durable and environmentally friendly option.

With high definition, rememberable images

An SEG fabric frame offers added advantages over traditional signage options, making this option a desirable and popular choice among marketers.

The signage is printed using a state-of-the-art dye sublimation process so the final appearance is vibrant and dramatic, suitable for any premium brand.

The fabric can be changed easily through a simple process that requires minimal efforts. Also when fixing and removing the fabric, there isn't any risk of damages, so you can do this often.

Since the SEG fabric frame can be used for numerous purposes and several ways, it turns out to be a high impact marketing tool that is definitely going to attract and engage your consumers.

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