SEG Portable S Shape Queuing Panel


Portable S Shape Queuing Panels for Managing the Crowd & Better Customer Flow

If you are seeking high-quality yet portable queueing panels, then here we bring you an extensive range of portable panels and especially the S-shaped queueing panels. These SEG S Shape Queueing Panels hold great usage to manage and control the crowd of customers or visitors at your commercial site, store, pharmacy, inquiry corners at the hospitals, even airports, and so much more. The shape in which these panels have been designed lets you arrange, manage, and separate the individuals waiting in the queue, and therefore, maintaining a distance helps in better prevention against the spread of COVID-19 infection. Being made out of an aluminum frame with attachments and 340 GSM polyester fabric turns the durability and longevity of the display panel or the modular display. So, if your business calls for an urgent requirement of S Shape queueing panels, then contact BannerBuzz now for high-quality and sturdy display options with quick delivery too.