Shelter In Place We Are Closed Vinyl Banners


Vinyl Banners are High Quality, Durable, and Customizable

If your store is not operating because of health-related restrictions, you need your guests to know this. To let passers-by know that your business is not open, set up awareness banners outside your store. This adds convenience for customers while your store is closed. The signs also show your concern for the health and well-being of those in your community.

Our shelter in place banners are made with strong PVC flex vinyl. This material is resilient and won't experience much wear and tear over time when hung outdoors. Thanks to this durability, your banners withstand the elements even during inclement weather, saving you on replacement costs for good ROI.

These stay at home banners display graphics in a vivid colour scheme of yellow, tan, black, and white. Each sign displays graphics in high contrast to attract attention, while germ symbols in the background add detail. Banners use 720 DPI resolution for sharp, legible text that guests can read and understand from various distances.

Customize your vinyl banners to work with your store's entrance. You have six options for finishing that include metal grommets, pole pockets, and adhesive tabs. There are various mounting and hanging add-ons you can also include such as pole brackets, skyhooks, and bungee cords. You can also alter the banner fabric itself with two-sided graphics, lamination, UV prints, and wind flaps.

Shelter in Place Banners are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

BannerBuzz does not use harmful ingredients when creating its awareness banners. During printing, it uses biodegradable solvents that are safe for the environment. Hang the banners and help fulfil your social responsibilities to your community and the environment.

When you receive your stay at home banners, the graphics and finishes are in place on the PVC. Simply use the hardware and equipment included in your order to hang the banners so your message is viewable immediately by customers.

Vinyl Banners are Easy to Clean

Made of synthetic vinyl, the banners don't collect debris, so maintenance is simple. Just wipe your awareness banners gently using a clean cloth and water. This is all that's necessary to keep your banners in top shape, saving time and resources.

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