Shimmer Panel - Gold


Mesmerise Your Audience with Our Exquisite Gold Shimmer Panels

Transform any venue or occasion with our gold shimmer panel, a commanding backdrop designed to dazzle and impress. Beyond just being a backdrop, our Shimmer Panel - Gold stands out as the pinnacle in metallic panel crafting, offering an appearance that evokes the splendour of gold wall art.

Each segment of our Shimmer Panel - Gold resonates with unparalleled radiance. Central to its design, the panel's hardware is made from black anodised aluminum. This guarantees a product that isn't just eye-catching but also long-lasting. This ornamental panel endures through time, defending against corrosion, discolouration, and wear. Crafted from high-calibre plastic, the panel is tear-resistant and resilient against external factors, truly reflecting the allure and toughness of gold accent decor.

Our panels are more than just visually appealing. They are bolstered with robust hardware components, ensuring the reflective panel remains steadfast and grand. Components encompass 8 poles, 2 bases, 4 tightening knobs, and 2 allen keys, all crucial for supporting the glittering backdrop. The tightening knobs adjust the panel's height, and the allen key offers protection from unexpected fastener issues. This firm hold guarantees that your decor featuring gold shimmer panels is preserved, even when setting up or taking down.

The poles, with a substantial 1.4 mm thickness, boast diameter 38 mm at the base and 30 mm on top. These measurements, paired with the solid bases, guarantee the gold decorative panel remains upright, removing concerns of it falling.

Shimmer Panel Backdrops: A Broad Array of Colours and Sizes

Presenting our Shimmer Panel - Gold, intricately conceived to infuse opulence into your interiors, whether it's for bedroom wall decor or a living room focal point. Our ornamental panel backgrounds span a variety of shades, with the gold panel shining the brightest, exuding an essence similar to exquisitely sequined fabrics.

For aficionados of refined wall enhancements, this shimmer backdrop is transformative. With shades from captivating silver to tempting rose gold, our Shimmer Panel - Gold promises a plethora of options to amplify your space. Given its beguiling shimmer, it's set to be a mainstay in gold shimmer panel interior stylings.

Understanding the importance of dimensions, our shimmer wall additions are obtainable in sizes suited for assorted spaces, from 5 Ft x 3 Ft to 10 Ft x 8 Ft. For those valuing precision, we offer a compact 30cm x 30cm panel size, perfect for crafting a reflective gold panel for event decor or integrating a gold shimmer aesthetic into their locales.

Gold Shimmer Panel Backdrops: Uplift Your Areas and Gatherings

Enhance both public events and personal nooks with our Gold Shimmer Panel backdrops, meticulously designed to enrapture and motivate. These multifaceted metallic panels can serve as a brilliant gold decorative panel in your lounge or a magical shimmer accessory for bedroom aesthetics.