Sneeze Guard for Desk

Sneeze Guard for Desk


It’s a protective barrier that will make your desk a safe place to work on.

  • 3 different sizes to choose from
  • Made using high-quality cast acrylic material (clear)
  • Features rounded corners and elbow cutout
  • Includes no graphics or print

Use This Sneeze Guard for Desk as a Barrier to Enforce Social Distancing

Coronavirus has made us all rethink the importance of good hygiene and safety measures. Straight from socializing to social distancing- we all see ourselves standing at the beginning of a new era.  An era that demands preventive measures like this sneeze guard for desks. This safety guard is a great tool for making face to face interactions safer at reception desks, offices, billing counters, etc. This table sneeze guard is intended to be used at desks and can cover objects that are crucial for your work, like laptops. This powerful safety tool that can help protect you and your business/office space from the spread of various airborne diseases. These clear acrylic guards form a protective barrier at desks and reduce the chances of viruses being spread from one desk to the other or from individual to another. Though, they do not promise 100% safety from deadly viruses like the COVID-19 when used alone. To ensure additional safety, you can pair-up this safety equipment with other protective supplies like the office desk dividers and touch-free floor dispensers. Very durable and strong enough to resist many elements like force, tear, and wear- these sneeze guards will not let you down. The tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2 makes these highly durable safety tools. Plus, the rounded corners and elbow cutouts make working beside these guards very convenient and easy.

Consider ordering these Sneeze Guards For Desks in Bulk For a Bigger Space

If you have a bigger space, you must consider installing these acrylic plexiglass sneeze shields in multiple numbers. Also, if you place a bulk-buy order for these desk sneeze guards, you will be eligible for our bulk-buy discounts. Our bulk buy discounts depend on the number of desktop sneeze shields you order. To get the complete bulk-buy discount details, please refer to the discount chart above. We have these sneeze and cough shields in-stock and ready-to-ship for you. Order now and create a much protected atmosphere at your workspace, office, store, or business space than ever before. Each protective sneeze guard for desk package will include 3 clear acrylic panels- 1 front panel and 2 side panels. These ready to use clear acrylic glass shields will take minutes to be installed without any professional help.

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