Social Distancing No Gathering Window Decals


Social Distancing Decals Created Out of Durable Vinyl Material

Social distancing has become the new norm of the day and you can help by reminding everyone of the precautionary practices. It is important to make sure that everyone does their part to help mitigate the coronavirus. Showcase our ‘Social Distancing-No Gathering window’ decals and notify the employees, visitors, and passersby of the safety measures which should be adhered to.

Our stop the spread stickers have been made out of highly durable vinyl material which is opaque. It also has the finest (100 micro), white monomeric calendered vinyl film which increases its longevity. It is white in colour on both sides, front and back.

Available in the following sizes :- (W x H) 12”x 18”, 24” x 18”, 24” x 36” and 36”x 24”. Custom sizes are also available for you. Choose the size that is the best fit for your window and can spread the message effectively. There can be a size variance of +/- 3mm.

You can also give your window decals a flash cut finish. This gives a neater finish to the edges and an overall more finished decal. You can customize the shape and get the decal in a square or rectangle shape.

Custom Window Decals are Printed Using Full Colour or Latex Print

We can print your window decal using either full colour 720 DPI, eco-solvent process or the latex printing technique. Both the printing processes give bright and clear graphics. The signs are easily readable and attractive. The eco-solvent ink used is biodegradable and does not harm the environment. The latex ink, too, does not contain any hazardous pollutants.

You can choose to have your window decal laminated. We can provide gloss, matte lamination, or UV print only. The glossy finish gives a more polished look and reflects light and is recommended for indoor windows. The matt finish gives a non-shiny and textured look and is recommended for outdoor use.

Bulk Purchase Discount on Window Decals

Get bulk purchase discounts on our window decals and order any number of units. While checking out, you can also choose our ‘Priority’ shipping and get your order delivered at the earliest.