Solid Color Boutique Bags 

Solid Color Boutique Bags 


Multi-Use Solid Color Boutique Bags with Gloss Lamination

  • Made of 300 GSM art paper material.
  • Full solid color print as per your selected background color
  • Available in 7 sizes ranging from 3 inches to 12.5 inches.
  • Available in 6 appealing colors
  • Includes gloss lamination for a top-quality finish.

Full Solid Boutique Bags Available in 6 different Colors

Looking for fashionable yet unique boutique bags? Then, you are at the right stop! We offer you the best solid color boutique bags for your customer's happy purchase experience. If you are someone who is into small businesses or even if not opting for boutique color paper, shopping bags can bring about an attractive change in your business.

Let's discover how these paper bags are different from other paper normal paper bags. Firstly, these boutique bags are provided in 6 different solid background colors- White, Black, Chocolate, blue, red, and pink. On the other hand, the inside color of these paper bags is white along with Nylon handle material. All of these when coming together in one frame make the bags look more attractive and fashionable.

Furthermore, these boutique handbags are made of 300 GSM art paper material and are available in 7 different sizes, starting from 3 inches to 12.5 inches. These measurements make the bag feel light and at the same time help in holding a good amount of stuff.

Boutique Shopping Bags with 300 GSM Art Paper Material

Worry, no longer! These boutique paper bags are made of 300 GSM art paper material along with nylon handle material. Together these materials help you to carry your belongings easily without worrying about them breaking.

Gloss Lamination for Boutique Shopping Bags Smooth Finish

Also, as these bags are gloss laminated, they look shiny and help in enhancing the solid color of your boutique bags. Another important advantage of gloss lamination is that it helps in keeping away any kind of dust. So, now you can even keep your bags on the surface without worrying about them getting dirty.