Sorry No Visitors Allowed Acrylic Signs


No Visitors Allowed Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

To prioritize the safety and comfort of patients, many medical and healthcare facilities impose restrictions on visitors and support persons. Your institutions may require signs and bold markings to clearly define these limitations and communicate the same to visitors, staff, and other support persons. Acrylic signs from BannerBuzz are durable options that are instrumental in outlining such policies.

Clinic signs are made from 5 mm thick cast acrylic material, which has a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2 and a tear resistance of up to 1016 Ohm. This provides excellent impact resistance, thermal insulation, and UV protection. These qualities contribute to durability and endurance, making the signs ideal investments for your institution.

Direct UV printing on the substrate results in a uniform finish, as well as improved sharpness and colour saturation. The high-quality graphics of the no visitors allowed signs assist in attracting the attention of passersby while effectively communicating your message to all readers.

Choose from a wide range of available sizes of hospital signs, or customize the size for your requirements. Additionally, you can also select mounting or standoff options and further modify the signs to better suit your needs.

Acrylic Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

The material used in construction makes the clinic signs lightweight and portable. As a result, the signs are easy to install, place, and reposition as per your requirements. This re-usability also helps increase your return on investment, making the signs budget-friendly tools for communicating information.

Hospital signs come with a pre-printed message that provides for a quick buying as well as installing process. The signs are ready to use within minutes and help you communicate your message with ease.

No Visitors Allowed Signs are Easy to Order

Multiple shipping options help you choose based on your budget as well as the urgency with which you require the acrylic signs. Get convenient doorstep delivery and experience a convenient purchasing process with BannerBuzz.

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