Sorry No Visitors Allowed Compliance Signs


No Visitors Allowed Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

In your healthcare and assisted living facilities, patients and elderly residents are at high risk from contagious illness and require additional protective measures. Certain regulations and ordinances require you to comply with these measures for the safety of individuals staying in the location. Hospital safety signs let others know that no visitors are allowed in the facility to prevent the potential spread of germs brought in from outside. Place the signs in an area for prominent display until circumstances change and allowing visitors is safe once again.

Aluminum construction makes the compliance signs durable and resistant to corrosion for safe display outdoors. Visible display next to gates and entryways deters visitors from entering, while the messaging and tone of the text apologizes for the inconvenience.

UV-stable ink resists fading so the clinic signs continue to deliver their message clearly even with prolonged periods of display. The colours are bright and the text clear to catch the eye and deliver essential communication with ease.

No visitors allowed signs come in multiple sizes to achieve prominent or more subtle displays as per individual facility needs. There is also the option to add further instructions, such as a personalized message or contact information for the inpatient clinic or assisted care home.

Compliance Signs are Portable and Ready to Use

Lightweight materials make it easy to transport the clinic signs to their intended destination. The 0.046-inch thickness of the sheets ensure they take up minimal storage space. Rounded, 1-inch radius corners on the signs makes handling and mounting uncomplicated.

Hospital safety signs are pre-printed with relevant messaging to serve the needs of many types of care facilities. Pre-drilled holes in the corners make them ready for a quick and easy installation.

Order No Visitors Allowed Signs in Bulk at a Discount

Ordering compliance signs in bulk provides the supplies needed to manage large buildings with multiple entrances or several facilities. Bulk orders qualify for a discount on orders of two or more, providing an incentive to help you stay within budget.

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