Stay at Home Order Online Vinyl Posters


Custom Vinyl Posters are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

Public health concerns lead to local governments enacting ordinances requiring citizens to shelter in place if possible, and for certain businesses to be closed to the public. While enterprises should follow the regulations, each company still wants to retain customers and offer an alternative. Pandemic posters placed in the window let customers know that the establishment is closed to indoor dining or ordering in compliance with the law. The signs encourage customers to comply with stay at home regulations and to place orders online.

Order online signs resist abrasion and wear and tear, thanks to durable monomeric calendered vinyl and are suitable for prolonged outdoor display. At 100 microns thick, the awareness stickers take up minimal space while still being sturdy and long-lasting.

Full colour printing in 720 DPI resolution makes the vinyl posters prominently visible with bold colours and lettering in an elegant font.

Stay at home signs come in several sizes; you can also customize the size to suit your requirements. Select die-cutting or flash-cutting production processes for the edges that you prefer and add optional accessories if needed.

Order Stay at Home Posters Are Easy to Order and Ready to Use

The vinyl posters have an effective, pre-printed message promoting stay-at-home measures and online ordering, saving the time and resources of in-house graphic design. Request a squeegee tool for quick and simple installation.

Order these advertising posters with the assurance of convenient delivery that fits your timetable and budget. With sufficient supplies in hand, your enterprise can begin the work of complying with shelter-in-place regulations.

Custom Vinyl Posters Available in Bulk at a Discount

Order online signs in amounts of two to over 500 and qualify for a bulk order discount. The more you order, the larger the savings become, making this a budget-friendly incentive for those managing multiple franchise locations. Save on your ad spend with cost-effective quantity purchasing.

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