Stay at Home Stay Healthy Vinyl Posters


Stay at Home Signs are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

To maintain a safe workplace, stores, restaurants, and offices must effectively convey safety measures to staff and clients. Interacting with individuals during an outbreak can raise the chance of contracting a communicable illness. Our 'stay healthy' posters serve as visible reminders to workers and visitors to obey government guidelines and stay at home. These signs enable you to be proactive in dealing with illnesses, keeping you facility safe.

Our 100-micron thick, robust, monomeric calendered vinyl posters are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity. The material is also water-proof, making it suitable for outdoor use. You can expect the durable signs to provide a good return on investment as a one-time purchase.

Printing at 720 DPI produces crisp, high-resolution images, allowing visitors and employees to see the message on the advertising posters clearly, even from a distance. Full-colour printing with a wide range of colours generates vivid finishes that attract the attention of passersby, allowing the information advising people to stay at home to be successfully delivered.

The full-colour posters come with a variety of customization choices to suit your needs. Select from a variety of sizes or order a custom size. To increase the life of these posters, we provide the option of adding lamination and UV printing. Depending on where you want to apply the stay at home signs, you may choose from flash cut or die cut options. Accessories are also available to help in the installation procedure.

Stay Healthy Posters Come Ready to Use and Are Easy to Order

Our vinyl posters are pre-printed with a message advising visitors and workers to remain at home. Ready-to-use, you can install them immediately upon receipt. This assists in avoiding the spread of infectious diseases while also ensuring the safety of your business, staff, and clients.

We provide a variety of shipping options, including doorstep delivery, to ensure that you receive your advertising posters on time. Select any of the alternatives based on your budget and the urgency with which you want delivery.

Get Discounts When Ordering the Stay at Home Signs in Bulk

When you buy in bulk quantities ranging from 2 to 500 pieces, you get a discount. This allows you to get 'stay healthy' posters in the quantities required to communicate vital information at your workplace or business in order to protect employees and customers while staying within your budget.

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