Stay Home Save Lives Window Clings


Pre-designed Stay Home Save Lives Window Clings for Continuous Awareness at Your Storefront

It has become essential to adhere to COVID-19 safety measures for saving lives every moment. Be it through awareness advertisements, radio broadcasts, display materials, and more; we have to follow every norm to spread awareness and follow the advisories for a safer planet. COVID-19 pandemic situation has taught us to follow some of the vital precautions if we want to see a safe tomorrow. Therefore, we have introduced a whole new range of window clings to meet your requirements to display precautionary messages at the storefront or even within the premises of your office, store, shop, café, and more. If you have announced temporary closure for your store due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, then display the pre-printed window cling whose graphics says Stay Home Safe. This would aid you in informing your visitors and customers about the temporarily closed services of your store along with the safety measures that would reach people in the form of your corporate social responsibility. 

High-quality Material, Easy Application Tool for Displaying Window Clings

It is highly vital to be empathic and responsible altogether whenever a terrible situation hits our nation and thus we can express it well through finely designed window clings and other safety displays such as precaution flags, banners, and more. These safety window clings come in custom sizes and pre-printed graphics that don’t require further personalization of graphics and hence, can be added to the cart by selecting the required sizes and quantities of the product. The squeegee tool comes along with the window clings to assure feasible, error-free, and quick application on a clear glass surface. It requires an application from the inside of the store and thus the window cling remains untouched by passers-by or unwanted people to touch it. Your window cling remains safe, secure, and long-lasting at the inside surface of the glass window as they come with a strong pre-adhesive application for perfect set up. Therefore, no matter you are still operating from your store or temporarily closed the services; display Stay Home Save Lives window clings for timely informing the visitors about essential precautions needed to combat the Coronavirus from our homes, surroundings, and the nation as well. Contact Bannerbuzz for both individual and bulk orders as you have a chance to grab bulk quantity discounts too. We look forward to serving you even in this pandemic situation because we care for you and your business too.