Suction Cup Flags - Rectangle


What's the one best way to ensure that your word will be read?

  • The Suction Cup flag! Mount suction cup flags anywhere and at any place, and convey the message that you want.
  • We offer suction cup flags in pretty designs and colours so they are bound to get you, not some, but loads of attention!
  • Show them off at your promotional event, networking conferences and any other 'mega' happening where your targeted audience will be in huge numbers.
  • If you want to print a special message, you can customise the design as per your needs.
  • We print our suction cup plans using the highest quality inks. The designs and colours don't fade away, so your message stays there and continues to be read.

Because 'mini' doesn't have to be small or 'not so effective'!

  • These mini suction cup flags are perfect for unique point of purchases solution - highlight that one fact that makes you stand out from the competition.
  • With that being the only message that is displayed, it sure will be noticed!
  • Place an order today and promote with small products in a 'big' way!