This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Roll Up Banner Stands


This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Roll Up Banner Stands with Interactive Graphics

Display Hand Washing signs and banners at the required spaces to inform visitors and employees about the specified sinks installed for hand washing only. Analyzing the present situation prevailing due to COVID-19, it is highly recommended for hospitals, clinics, business houses, restaurants, corporate offices, and other public locations to set up a separate sink meant for handwashing purposes only. In this way, it would be easier to keep the sink free from unwanted germs, or bacteria and a higher level of sanitation could be maintained. It is required to educate and inform the people about the on-going spread of dreadful Coronavirus pandemic and the needed precautions to be adhered to for every moment of hygiene and safety. Therefore, it is recommended to display perfectly designed roll up banners and other display materials that would aid you in circulating the vital message across along with maintaining the utmost protection and hygiene.

Unsurpassed Product Quality, True-colored Prints for Perfect Awareness

  • Our pre-designed roll up banner stands are one of the durable range of display tools that can be displayed both indoors and outdoors.
  • The banner stand is made out of sturdy aluminum that further comprises adjusting spring tension and alignment, and the 3-piece bungee pole with 15mm and 1mm thickness assures more stable results.
  • The graphics material or the banner has been derived from PP (Polypropylene) with a thickness of 280 microns to bring in the utmost resilience to the product. Thus avoids any situation for the banner to get damaged even after continuous usage.
  • The roll up banner stands turn out to be one of the durable and cost-effective products as the banner stands can be used for prospective events or outdoor display purposes. The banner or the graphics sheet comes separate and could be detached if not required further.
  • It is feasible to attach the banner to the clamp bar at the top and bottom of the roll up banner stand for display, and if not required, it takes a few seconds to roll up back.
  • Our pre-designed graphics represent a perfectly illustrated message, This Sink is for Handwashing Only and, therefore, comes as a success in informing the viewers about washing their hands frequently and that too at the designated sinks only. Designated sinks for handwashing make it feasible to control the spread of germs and other airborne infections.

Display roll up banner stands at various sites who have allocated sink spaces for handwashing only. Be it a hospital, doctor’s clinic, restaurant, front-office at the hotel or motel, coffee shop, grocery store, shopping mart, office, and other public spaces; these pre-designed banners and banner stands are perfect to meet your requirements. Contact Bannerbuzz now for immediate orders, bulk quantity discounts, free shipping, and so much more.