Wall Fabrics


Want to decorate the walls of your promotional stall with the printed images of your product deals? Why not go for a wall fabric which has adhesive qualities for easy installation on walls and lets you easily flaunt your printed poster on the walls?

Wall fabric is essentially digital printing done on lightweight fabric which can be installed on walls and other surfaces for a soft and textured effect.

If you want a unique look for your next poster, why not go for a wall fabric option which will present a soft display, with no disturbing glares bouncing off your promotional material!

Why Wall Fabric?

Wall fabrics are easily removable and serve as your wallpapers which you can swiftly remove or paste to a wall whenever you need. Instead of having to go in for that glossy and shiny look for a poster; go for textured fabric look of the wall fabric which gives a wallpaper effect.

You can use a number of wall fabric prints to add a unique dimension to your promotional campaign. One of the greatest features of this product is that it can stick to a number of surfaces, which include walls, wood, glass and even some metals.

The easy application and removal of the wall fabrics make this product a must-have if you are looking for a hassle-free and effective promotional display. Are you working on a project and have all your models and prototypes designs scattered around you? Why not stick them to the walls of your room for easy analysis? Why not decorate your stall at the science fair with a huge wall fabric which you can easily remove after the exhibition?

While ensuring easy application and removal from a variety of surfaces, the wall fabric also ensures a vivid graphic display as well. The fabric sports a fine print graphic detail which lets you display anything you like with a clear visible image. We ensure digital printing of your choice on the wall fabric with our UV ink printing technology.

We offer wall fabric quality which will take your promotional efforts to the next level.

What We Offer...

Are you thinking of spreading the word for an audition, debate, or presentation? Want to publicise the latest upcoming event or service your company is about to offer? Want an option which will help you attract the target audience with the least amount of hassle? Want to stick the promotional images on almost every surface you can? Then wall fabric is just the thing you need to make an impact!

A lightweight option which comes with vivid graphic detailing, offering a soft look and can be removed and applied easily enough, is nothing short of a dream come true for all! And wall fabric is the product which offers it all!

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We ensure customised printing on wall fabrics as per the design details of your order. If you want to ask any further questions about wall fabrics and our services, call us at 800-580-4489. Our team of experts will help you place the order as per your project needs.