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We are Open / Closed Yard Signs

Display & Communicate with Customers with We Are Open/Closed Yard Signs & Other COVID-19 Signages

The rising bar of COVID-19 has led many lives to suffer along with too many businesses struggling day and night to survive in every possible way. Realizing the current situation of pandemic Coronavirus, it is highly advisable to be cautious every moment by adhering to the safety measures that could aid us in protecting ourselves, family, and everyone around us. And hence, we are also making efforts every moment to provide you with highly effective display products like yard signs, vinyl banners, and others with pre-printed graphics to meet your requirements quickly. If you are running a clothing store, shop, office, or any other business store, and for the time being have decided to close the operations to maintain the safety standards, then it would be highly recommended to pick our yard signs with pre-printed text that simply says We Are Closed Due to COVID-19. This would help a lot to inform the visitors and customers about the temporary closure of your store or shop and they would not be visiting or moving out of the house for some time now. 

Utmost Ease, High-Quality yet Affordable Pre-printed Yard Signs

Moreover, many other yard signs have been designed while giving keen attention to the various requirements of the business. If your store or business is closed but you are still operating and providing services online, then our pre-designed yard signs are meant for you. They are available with the printed text i.e., COVID-19 Temporary Closure – We’re Still Operating Online or We Are Still Open – Order at the Drive-Thru. This would provide utmost assistance to the store owner and the customer as well because here’s in just a fraction of seconds, the message gets communicated on your behalf and that too without any person-to-person communication. Yard signs or banners with printed graphics displaying the drive-thru facility are big-time aid for customers as they don’t have to move out of the car and could simply place and collect the order without any risk of getting affected from either COVID-19 infections or other air-borne diseases. 

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If we shed light on the quality and performance factors, then you can stay assured as We Are Open/Closed Yard Signs have been constructed from durable corflute material – for the graphics and 2 metal stakes or 9 gauge galvanized steel bars for much durability and sturdiness respectively. The full-color, 600DPI, UV printing adds so much to the life and quality of the graphics by providing the finest quality colors, visibility, and utmost protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. Based on the space availability and various locational displaying, you can pick the required size or make a custom size option available on our product page. Display any sized yard sign in the yards or gardens of the restaurants, shopping areas, café, and many other public sites where the businesses have been temporarily closed or still operating online even if closed, and so on. Reach out to us for further queries as we are available 24x7 to assist you in any of the display products like safety banners, yard signs for COVID-19 safety awareness. Place the order Now for individual and bulk orders. Don’t forget to have a sight of our bulk quantity discount option too.