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Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)
  • Window Static Clings (Opaque)

Window Static Clings (Opaque)


Clings - they allow mutiple usages

  • Available in die-cut Product will be cut in the shape of artwork/image leaving a border of to. Please note that not all images can be die-cut. finish
  • High strength static vinyl material apt for outdoor/indoor use.
  • High resolution up to 1440 dpi printing
  • Any size larger than 52" width / height will come in multiple pieces

Window clings at Bannerbuzz are specially designed that it can be used to beautify almost any reason with very low pricing.

Window clings can be placed and removed hassle-free with no extra glue. With our 100 micron material used to manufacture window clings and Printed at 1440 dpi outdoor printing helps it to be applied on the outside of the window making it durable enough for long term use.

With the window clings be rest assured about the sticky deposit won't be left once removed. So best for businesses, organizations and even for yourself. Bannerbuzz offers white and transparent background for your window clings.

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