School Tabletop Desk Divider Sneeze Guard - Clear Acrylic (4 person)


Teach Safely with Quality School Tabletop Sneeze Guards

5750 GSM cast acrylic school tabletop sneeze guards are available in bulk to meet bulk requirements in schools. Equip classrooms with efficient safety products so that the parents get assured about their children’s safety before sending them to your school. These clear desk divider, sneeze guards are very portable, durable, and thus can be installed quickly without investing in much of efforts and equipment.

School sneeze guards come with panels that are further given half-cut in the center to fix them easily through the intersection. See-through, cast acrylic sneeze guards shield the students from opposite and diagonal direction and thus, keeping them safe against the surrounding spread of COVID-19 and other viral infections too. Buy sturdy sneeze guards in bulk to cover up every learning table at your educational institution, school, or institution. We offer exciting discounts on bulk quantities to ease down your budgetary concerns.  So, grab this super saver purchase now.

Contact us for more information. Opt for safety supplies for the school’s reception desk, management desk to provide utmost prevention to your staff. Buy reception sneeze guards, hanging sneeze guards, touch-free floor sanitizer stands, and many more utilities to amend your workspace for improved protection.