Fabric Display Stand Tower B


Fabric Display Stands are Customizable and Easily Portable

Companies like yours are seeking innovative ways to advertise products and services in both indoor and outdoor settings. Fabric display stands are effective tools for displaying information. Our stands exhibit your message with vibrant content that impresses potential customers and maximizes your visibility to attract passers-by.

We construct our trade show display stands of flexible 250g soft knit fabric over a strong aluminum frame. These durable stands are corrosion-resistant and tough, ensuring high performance and reliable use both indoors and outdoors.

Our high-resolution printing provides exceptional colour fidelity with clear details that are visible from a distance. High-quality print on the marketing display stands grabs the attention of the onlookers while enabling you to effectively communicate your message.

Customization options for the trade show display stand include purchasing the banner or the frame separately or together. Select to have printing on one or both sides. You can also add specific instructions with your order.

Order Portable Advertising Display Stands in Bulk

These portable, lightweight marketing display stands are easy to construct. Assemble the frame, put up the fabric graphic, and it's complete. You can easily place or reposition them for flash sales or events, and they work well for impromptu promotions, special deals, and trade fairs.

You can order these trade show display stands with discounts in quantities ranging from 2 to over 100. We give you bulk deals at every level, and the discount goes up in increasing increments.

Enjoy Versatile Shipping Options

Choose from multiple shipping options based on your budget and the speed you need for the delivery to fit your unique needs. Our marketing display stands offer a variety of shipping alternatives to fulfil your business needs, including doorstep delivery.

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