How to Remove Creases from a Vinyl Banner?

Anyone who has ever used a vinyl banner knows that there are chances of it becoming wrinkly once stored. A banner must not be used in that condition. It’s crucial to know how to maintain your vinyl banner to get the most out of it. If maintained and stored correctly after every use, vinyl banners can last for quite many years.

So, let’s start by understanding how to carefully install your banner each time because haven’t we all heard, “Prevention is better than cure”. So, let’s begin:

  • You can ensure a longer life for your banner by considering a researched installation area.
  • If you are hanging your banner on a wall, it’s crucial to get the surface thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any soot or grease.
  • Even if it’s meant for outdoor use, no printed banner must be constantly exposed to moisture and dampness.
  • A vinyl banner must never be over-stretched during installation. It might lead to the fading of the paint or make the banner look tattered.
  • Make use of finishing options like bungee cords to provide added elasticity and strength to your banner graphic.
  • The use of clean and dry hands is recommended for installing, cleaning and storing your banner. It’s even better to put on gloves before handling your banner.
  • Make sure to use a soft, damp cloth to clean your vinyl banner each time after its use.

Handling, installation, and maintenance- all the factors together are responsible for the life of every printed banner.

If you want your banner to look great even after storage, here are a few simple ways to remove creases from a vinyl banner.

  • Use the sun to smooth out any wrinkles by placing it outdoors on a sunny day.
  • Heat the creases using a hairdryer, an iron or a hot cloth to do the same. You will see them vanishing immediately.
  • In case your vinyl banner has become wet. Do not store it before drying it with a portable hand-held clothes steamer.

Steam-ironing is the best way to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles without damaging the print and design of your banner.

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