World Population Day 2020- High Time to Recognize the Rising Threats Associated With the Rising Population

World population day is dedicated to focusing the world’s attention on the increasing issues related to the increasing population. Celebrated on July 11th every year, this day was established by the UN given many subjects that demanded attention with the rising number of population threats across the globe. Here’s listing a few that are rising along with the population, and need immediate attention more than ever:

  1. The threat of depleting natural resources- Quick increase in the number of people around the world is directly proportional to the quick depletion of resources. Resources like water, forests, air, oil, natural gas, coal, etc. are quickly depleting and are prone to many dangers as the world population keeps growing. 
  1. The threat of sustainable resources- From wood, sun to fossil fuels, all the sustainable resources are at a threat due to the way they are being consumed quickly.
  1. The threat of more pandemics like the Covid-19 – Currently we find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic that has taken over the globe and how. It becomes all the more crucial to recognize that as we keep growing in numbers throughout the world, the chances of more health scares like the Coronavirus also keeps growing. More number of people means more travelling, more trading, more bonding, quicker spread of diseases, again leading to increased demand for safety supplies.
  1. The threat of global warming: Our biodiversity is under a great threat due to the various non-environmental friendly activities of people across the world. These activities include urbanization, over-exploitation of resources, to pollution and much more. All this is resulting in a rapid climate change across the world, hence leading us closer to global warming every single day. 
  1. The threat of increasing poverty: Increasing population means a rise in demand of jobs. But because of inaccessible and inadequate job opportunities around the globe, there are already millions of unemployed people. The rate of unemployment is only going to increase with the growing rate of the population, therefore, increasing the threat of poverty.
  1. The threat of starvation and malnutrition: Increased population is bound to result in scarce food resources, which is sure to lead to starvation. Not just that,  ill health, diet-deficiency diseases, malnutrition, and decreased immunity are more likely to increase as we keep growing in numbers throughout the world.
  1. The threat of decreased freshwater supplies: Increased world population also means increased human demand for freshwater. It can lead to limited access to fresh water supply in impoverished areas, which is already a global issue.
  1. The threat to the world’s wildlife: A growing number of people will also grow the demand for land, which will lead to more destruction of natural habitats and forests. Thus, putting wildlife under an increased threat of extinction.  
  1. The threat of essential commodities becoming more expensive: The demand and supply of various resources will keep on increasing as a result of the increasing population. It also means that it will raise the prices of various resources as they keep becoming scarce in the world. Over the years, it will become true even for most basic commodities like food, shelter, and clothing. The rising prices of these commodities will result in people having to pay a lot more to survive and feed themselves.
  1. The threat of conflicts/war-like situations: Bigger strain on the resources and competing to come across as a more developed country have been a few reasons for growing conflicts between various nations in the past. And as the world population keeps on increasing, demand for resources will also increase the tension between countries. It could lead to more war-like situations.

There are tons of more causes, effects, and threats associated with the rapid growth of the population across the globe. It is an individual responsibility to reckon the risks and adopt changes at the community, neighborhood, state, and country level. It is not too early, but never too late to do something that is in the interest of the entire population. So, spread the word about the associated risks involved with the growing number of people. Use your business or workplace to advertise about these effects or encourage others at an individual level. Consider this world population day 2020 as a reminder to do your bit in whatever way you can.

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