Billboard on Wheels: How to Use Car Decals to Promote Your Business

With COVID-19 pandemic restrictions finally easing up, people have returned to their traditional workplaces. As a result of this return to normal, there are more commuters on the road and businesses are starting to breathe again. This positive shift provides an opportunity to start advertising your business in a new way. Car decals function as mobile billboards that boost your brand while you drive.

The OOH Benefit

Mobile advertising has many benefits for businesses. Take your brand beyond the storefront and reach new customers in the community with car decals. Vinyl lettering and car flags are great investments too. With just a single car decal, any advertisement gets to go wherever the car does. Even sitting in traffic provides an opportunity for customers to view the brand.

Building the Car Decal

Depending on your business’ plan of action, there is the option to get a pre-designed car decal or even create a customized one. Using a professional graphic designer to assist with the decal creation is a smart way to perfect the design and ensure it matches your branding. Designers understand the best ways to visually present information, so they can incorporate the brand name and logo in an attractive and impactful way.

These stickers are typically not very large, so the products or services listed on them should be concise. Adding contact information in a large font would help people read it better if they wish to get in touch. Remember, less is more when it comes to car decals. State the business name, some brief information about the brand, and a phone number or email.

Decal Positioning

Decide if the car decal should be applied to your vehicle’s body, a window, above the rear license plates, the bumper, etc. The size of the graphics depends on the placement of the decal. The driver or passenger side rear door is an excellent example of effective decal placement. These areas provide great visibility to passing motorists.

Car flags on the car doors can also be a practical option depending on the driver’s daily route. They are ideal for towns with a high volume of pedestrians because of the slow speed required to travel through them. They can be optimal additions to the decals for ample advertising opportunities.

The Perfect Placement

Sticking the car decal onto the surface isn’t a complicated task. Just clean the car surface thoroughly. Whether the car decal is meant for the bumper or the rear windshield, clean off all the dust and grime. Not only does this ensure superior adhesion, but it avoids the occurrence of bubbles. When all the dust and grime have been removed, dry the surface properly.

Peel back the cover of the vinyl lettering or car decal and dispose of it. Position the decal over the surface and once you are sure about the positioning, gently press down the center of the decal to the surface and begin smoothing it from the center outwards. Keep the decal taut as it is pressed down to ensure there aren’t any bubbles trapped between the two surfaces. Once the decal is in place, check for bumps.

Get More Mileage Out of Your Decals

Car decals rarely require any maintenance at all. However, while you don’t need to clean them or worry about them, a little care should be taken when washing your car. Excessive scrubbing tends to damage decals, so gently scrub when running over the decals. Remember to remove car flags before taking the vehicle through the car wash.

While placing vinyl lettering on the car, take extra care not to restrict the driver’s vision in any way. Position the decals where the driver can see properly through the rearview and side-view mirrors. Also, avoid using front or rear windows for car decal or vinyl lettering. Placing these items here can restrict the driver’s view.

Final Considerations

It is understandable to be concerned about the stains and marks a car decal could potentially leave on the vehicle. Fortunately, car decal adhesives are specifically designed for use on automobile surfaces, and as such, do not leave any residue behind when the vinyl lettering is peeled back.

To reduce the hassle of removal, heat the surface to melt the adhesive just enough to make peeling it back easy. This way, the car decal will come off undamaged, and the car paint will remain in pristine condition.

Car decals are the new way to tell the world that you have a business worthy of attention. These low-maintenance, high-impact advertising tools are a great new way to expand your brand. They are truly billboards on wheels.

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