2022 Design Trends for Your Outdoor Promotions

For business owners, it’s essential to keep up with ever-evolving marketing trends. Without an active advertising strategy that focuses on changing consumer behavior and lifestyles, it’s tough to make an impact. In the current times, outdoor advertising has become a must-have in order to increase brand awareness. 

Millennials comprise a sizable chunk of the consumer base today, and they lean on experiences and inclusivity. Therefore, unique experiential advertising is now essential. Outdoor promotions offer a prime opportunity for brands of all sizes to make an impact. 

Keep these 2022 outdoor promotions trends in mind next time you want to take your advertising efforts outside. 

Interactive Setups

More and more brands are pushing boundaries with interactive setups and customers are taking notice. In a digital world, you have to find a way to make customers notice your brand and event set ups that combine the best of the digital and physical world create lasting consumer touchpoints.

Invite customers into your space with vibrant custom canopy tents. If you’re hosting an event in the summertime, remember your tent will likely have a lush green backdrop from all the summer plants. You can catch their attention with a bright yet branded color. Once you’ve selected an attention-grabbing hue, order complimentary banner stands and print QR codes on them so attendees can sign up for your app or receive a discount for download. This strategy is a great way to share information like menu lists with customers who won’t want to carry around a bulky menu while dining al fresco. 

Modernize Promotional Items

In a social media world, your brand needs to keep up with the times. Creating Instagram-worthy event spaces will bring foot traffic to your booth and provide free brand awareness. Customers love finding unique spots for their photo ops, so give your audience what they’re looking for. 

Pop-up displays and feather flags are two modern advertising options that can get you the traction you desire. Step and repeats can be great event booth additions too. Once you decide on an eye-popping promotion, print signs with CTAs that encourage people to take photos with your brand and tag your account on social media. You can lure more onlookers to your booth by gifting them free c-ports, sunglasses, t-shirts, and coffee mugs in exchange for taking a photo and tagging your company.

Monochromatic Aesthetics

If you’re thinking of giving your branding a makeover, 2022 is the year to think about going monochrome. This means using a single base color along with shades, tints, and tones of that hue. Colors play a crucial role in any design initiative, and sometimes, going monochrome can give you the desired result compared to creating complex designs. 

People associate colors with emotions, and by using them effectively, you can generate the desired reaction from your customers. For instance, green is natural, balanced, and comforting. Pink is associated with love and warmth. Red commands instant attention while yellow is cheerful and bright. Selecting the correct colors for your promotional items can drastically change your ROI. The next time you plan to get pop-up displays or banner stands, pay closer attention to the colors. 

Bold Accent Colors

On the flip side, using accent colors can give your advertising a big push and enable you to maximize your marketing efforts. For instance, it can instantly make your flyers or banner stands more visible, which will pique the customers’ interest. 

When working with bold accent colors, one of the problems businesses face is selecting the right complementary hues. One effective solution is to use triadic color schemes, which means using any three colors on the color wheel that are equally spaced. If you want to use a distinct accent color, use it sparingly on a monotone background. For instance, using a black and white background will make the text flashy and ensure that your customers don’t miss out on any crucial details.

Merchandise with Natural Materials

The eco-friendly movement has taken the world by storm. It’s something that people are embracing wholeheartedly, reducing environmental impact through their lifestyle choices. Customers, in particular, love brands that support green causes.

Next time you host an event outdoors, think of ways you can be a friend to the environment. Eco-friendly banners, for instance, are a great and inexpensive option. You can use trendy succulents and flower planters to brighten up the space and create and create earthy product displays with burlap backdrops . These additions will give your booth a natural aesthetic customers desire while positioning your brand as a friend of the environment.


Design trends are constantly changing along with the taste and preferences of the customers. 2022 could be the year to revamp your marketing and give your business some new advertising appeal. Consider these trends for your promotional events and find effective yet inexpensive ways to reach new customers in the great outdoors.    

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