Halloween Is Almost Here: 5 Creative Ways to Celebrate

Halloween is one of the highest consumer driven holidays of the year – second only to Christmas. According to this consumer report,  customers spent nearly $8 billion on Halloween products in 2020, and that number grows year upon year. 

Regardless of the business vertical, all businesses small and large can take advantage of the holiday and the value it offers. Whether Halloween is naturally a part of your overall business planning or not, it’s possible to turn this holiday into a revenue generating strategy.

Organizing themed events or elevating a store’s atmosphere with decorations and festivities engages customers and boosts sales. Despite its reputation for flashy theatrics, capitalizing on the holiday does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Here is a roundup of fun and easy ideas that you can try as the spooky season quickly approaches.

Spooktacular Savings

Saving money generates positive energy among buyers and adding a limited window of time will have customers lining up with urgency. Use this Halloween season to announce Spooktacular promotional offers that will engage and excite customers while also motivating them to return for savings.

Deals not only build customer loyalty but also attract new buyers that would have otherwise been wary of trying out a new product or service at full price. By providing customers an opportunity to spend a little less on the product or service, businesses end up gaining increases in sales, customer numbers, and overall positive recognition.

Spellbinding Storefronts

Being immersed in a haunting experience is what Halloween enthusiasts wait for all year long. Engaging in the holiday spirit by decorating storefronts or showrooms is an open invitation for customers to join in the festivities.

Set up a ghoulish window display with frightfully fun details like spider webs, pumpkins, and skeletons. Use a Halloween-themed window decal to promote ongoing offers or product launches. Finally, filling the space with spooky props like mannequins in witch hats or bats along the walls or hanging from ceilings give you the special flair needed to channel the Halloween spirit.  

For businesses whose brand focuses solely on the season’s most high-demand products, the decorative display will not only join in the holiday cheer but also inform buyers that they have reached their one-stop-shop for all their Halloween needs. 

Create Buzz Around Your Events

Participating in the holiday fun is not only an effective way to offer a unique atmosphere for customers, but it can also be an uplifting and morale-boosting experience for employees. Smaller businesses can encourage staff to dress up in a costume of their choosing, while larger companies with a higher budget can throw a wicked party to celebrate.

Trick-or-treating is another exciting tradition that can be organized through business collaboration. Treat customers with special coupons, giveaways, and of course some custom-branded candy.

A step and repeat banner offers a custom Halloween-themed backdrop for people to take Instagram-worthy pictures while enjoying the festivities. No matter the scale, it’s essential to promote the celebration in advance of the big day. Vinyl banners and signs are highly visible ways to spread the word, and in-store signage is a great idea to draw attention to your party messaging as well.

Host A Contest

It would not be Halloween without the crowds and wild costumes. One of the best parts of the holiday is expressing creativity and imagination by dressing up in outrageous and entertaining ways. Take it up a notch and put those outfits on display by hosting a costume contest.

Set the stage by offering an immersive experience complete with themed décor, group votes, and prizes. Spread the word with custom banners and change the advertising game to ensure a boost in traffic to your store. Teaming up with other businesses can make the contest prize even more appealing.  

Festive Product Displays

The simplest way to give customers an immersive experience is to create a festive product display. Using classic Halloween decorations while adjusting them to fit your brand is the best way to take advantage of the holiday. 

Retail companies, for example, can curate different looks using their merchandise as a focal point while embellishing the items with spooky elements to enhance the holiday atmosphere. Themed table covers are a simple way to add a pop of Halloween spirit to an otherwise useful everyday display.

A little effort can go a long way when it comes to adding a bit of holiday flair. It is a great opportunity to drive up sales and engagement while also having some fun. Happy Halloween!

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